How is the power supply of the aircraft? 1 article accurate make it clear!

Power supply of the aircraft

How is the power supply of the aircraft carried out? When you look up at the starry sky, watching the planes with flashing lights passing through the sky. When you sit in a spacious, bright, and comfortable cabin, enjoying the entertainment equipment on the plane, and tasting the hot meals and hot tea cooked by the kitchen appliances in the air.

Have you ever wondered how such a behemoth can still have a steady supply of electricity after leaving the ground?Where does the electricity on the aircraft come from?

Aircraft power supply system

There are tens of thousands of electronic instruments and electrical equipment in an aircraft, which control the safe flight of the aircraft. The power supply of the aircraft not only requires continuous but also requires extremely high power quality.

The electricity on the aircraft comes from the aircraft power supply system, requirements for the aircraft power supply system there are two parts, which are the power supply system and the distribution system. The aircraft power supply system refers to the system that continuously generates electrical energy on the aircraft, including the main power supply, auxiliary power supply, and emergency power supply.

Three power supply systems

In order to ensure flight safety, the power supply method on the aircraft is usually redundant. There are three ways to ensure normal power supply during flight.

First, the main power supply. The main power supply of the aircraft is composed of generators, generator controllers and other equipment driven by aircraft engines. When the engine is working, the engine under the working state of the aircraft power supply system drives the main generator to rotate, converting mechanical energy into electrical energy and providing it to the electrical equipment on the aircraft.

The backup system ensured the power supply of the aircraft remained stable
The backup system ensured the power supply of the aircraft remained stable

Usually, the aircraft is equipped with more than two sets of main power supplies. When any power supply system fails, the faulty power supply will exit the power supply of the aircraft, and the remaining normal power supply systems will ensure the normal power supply of all electrical equipment.

Second, the auxiliary power supply. If the main power supply on the aircraft fails, aviation power experts have also designed a backup plan, that is, a small auxiliary generator and auxiliary generator controller installed at the tail of the aircraft, which is usually called an auxiliary power supply. It can still be quickly put into the power grid to provide power to the entire aircraft during the flight of the aircraft, making up for the lack or loss of power from the main power supply.

In the air, when the engine stops, the auxiliary generator starts the engine. In special cases, the auxiliary power supply can also provide power for ground testing and maintenance before the aircraft takes off.

Third, emergency power supply. The aircraft is equipped with emergency power supplies such as batteries and emergency generators large capacity of power supply system. If an extreme situation occurs and the aircraft loses power, in order to ensure a safe landing, the emergency power supply will be ordered to ensure that key equipment and instruments are provided with power to ensure the safe return of the aircraft.

Aircraft power distribution system

After talking about power generation, let’s talk about power distribution. The power distribution system is mainly used to transmit electrical energy to electrical equipment, ensure reliable power transmission and distribution to various parts of the aircraft, manage electrical loads and protect electrical equipment.

If the power generation system is like the hematopoietic system of the human body, various specifications of electrical energy are like blood in the human body, and the power distribution system is to continuously transport blood to where the human body needs it. As a secondary power source that undertakes the task of power conversion, it can convert one form of power into another form of power for use by power equipment with different needs.

Through power generation and distribution, power generation, conversion and distribution ensure the normal operation of various power equipment on board, which is the power supply system that is crucial to aircraft.


Under the concept of global advocacy of low-carbon economy and green environmental protection, multi-electric and all-electric technology, as an important development direction of the world’s aviation power system, will gradually and completely replace the hydraulic energy and air pressure energy in the traditional power supply of the aircraft.

Improve the endurance and vitality of the aircraft, so that the aircraft has higher safety, economy and environmental protection. Multi-electric and all-electric aircraft will inevitably cause a revolution in the top-level design of aircraft, and will also become an inevitable choice for the development of future aircraft.

The power supply of the aircraft is crucial for in-flight operations
The power supply of the aircraft is crucial for in-flight operations